Finally, a place to purchase gorgeous, one-of-a-kind metal work at a great price! We custom fabricate exclusive entry gates, yard gates, courtyard gates, estate gates, commercial gates, fences, gazebos, mailboxes, patio enclosures, window guards, driveway lighting, contemporary metal art, and much more. We also fabricate metal designs for both exterior and interior application, serving architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners.

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Da Vinci Metal Works

Da Vinci Metal Works is a fine design and fabrication plant based in San Diego, California We serve the San Diego area as well as ship to all 50 states and Canada. As our name suggests, we design and fabricate unique, elegant custom metal work. We specialize in residential and commercial custom for all applications, fences, fence panels, exterior and interior light fixtures, commercial and residential signs, traditional and contemporary metal art, and more. Select one of our beautiful designs or we can fabricate a custom design for your project.

Da Vinci Metal Works is exciting alternative to other standard , fences, doors, etc. Our designs are created by talented Italian architects, with extensive experience in all styles; including but not limited to Italian, Greek, and Persian. Each item we fabricate is a unique work of art. All of our metal work is fabricated in San Diego, California.

We are the originators of the DaVinci Gate, DaVinci Fence and the DaVinci Gate/Fence Panel. We fabricate the DaVinci Gate, the DaVinci Fence, and the DaVinci Gate/Fence Panel using an exclusive cutting technique we have developed. We use 10 or 12 gauge steel, depending on your requirements, to fabricate a beautiful, strong item. The DaVinci Gate is a beautiful work of art known for its detail, quality finish, strong structural fabrication, and handcrafted workmanship.

Each gate is custom handcrafted per order with shipping in many cases in as little as 15 business days. We can fabricate most designs in the size you require for your project.

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Is to bring you the highest quality metal work at the most affordable prices. We pride ourselves in our work and fabricate some of the most beautiful metal work available For the quality we offer, our prices just can’t be beat! To keep costs down, we have no middlemen, wholesalers, or dealers. We are the designers and fabricators. DaVinci Metal Works is your source for metal products that have function, durability, style and artistic flair, yet still sold at an affordable factory-direct price.

You are welcome to call us anytime to place your order. We have a large selection of gates and fences you can choose from. If you would like a custom design for your project, we can assist you with a great custom design.